Who uses hunter and why?
Software for different requirements

The software for different requirements

From personnel consultant to IT manager, every hunter user has his own highly individual requirements of the software, in accordance with their duties. Luckily, the software is flexible enough to allow each user to manage and design his own personal workflows.

Personnel Consultant

"As a personnel consultant, I believe every recruiting project starts with the acquisition of the client. With the help of the hunter software, we can submit an industry analysis to potential clients and determine the success rates for his project. ..."

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Corporate Recruiter

"I was hired to utilize active sourcing to find employees for open positions that could not otherwise be filled. At the beginning, the specialist department colleagues didn’t fully understand that I had to play a much more active role internally in the recruiting process. The fact that they quickly realized I could provide them with awesome support was to a large extent thanks to hunter. ..."

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"Usually we're engaged by companies and advisors who do not want to place a job ad. They nearly always have a clear idea of their desired ideal employee, for example, someone working in a comparable position for a competitor company. ..."

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Project Assistant

"As a project assistant in a personnel consultancy firm, I support our advisors in acquisition, project management, correspondence and documentation. So that our candidates are always kept up to date with regard to where they stand in the application process, ..."

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HR Manager

"hunter helps us to find the right employees for our company. Using hunter®JOBCENTER, we set up our own job portal on our company’s home page. The application data can be entered by the candidate into an online form, assigned to an invitation to tender and transferred directly to the software. ..."

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IT Manager

"During the implementation of hunter, I was surprised at how little there was for us to do here in the IT department. fecher helped us quickly implement hunter and transparently integrate it with our existing IT systems landscape. ..."

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