Corporate Recruiter
Who uses hunter and why?

Professional tool for corporate recruiters

"As a recruiter, I am sort of an "exotic creature" in the HR department. I was hired to utilize active sourcing to find employees for open positions that could not otherwise be filled. This was quite an adjustment for a company that had previously relied on placing job ads in the daily newspaper and on Internet portals. At the beginning, the specialist department colleagues didn’t fully understand that I had to play a much more active role internally in the recruiting process. The fact that they quickly realized I could provide them with awesome support was to a large extent thanks to hunter.

We work with the same professional tool used by personnel consultants to assist in the search process and communicate with their clients. In our firm, we start by defining the job specifications and setting the job placement parameters such as contract type, start date and salary range. hunter supports me in my daily work throughout the entire project, including the presentation of candidates up to the end of the recruitment process and provides my internal clients with transparency, as well. The specialist department always knows where we stand and together we can easily modify the search parameters at any time.

It is also critical we have optimal support for searches on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and that I can transfer that data to hunter in a structured manner. Using the parsing technology in conjunction with hunter's mail functions, dozens of applicant emails can be quickly and automatically processed. Applications are easily compared with the position requirements and the comparability is ensured throughout. And, for those applicants we did not hire, I can offer to add them, in compliance with our data protection laws, to our talent pool. So, by using our recruiting solution's sophisticated work flow support, we actually benefit twice."

Key benefits:

  • Supports the recruiter’s active role in the firm’s recruiting process
  • The hunter tool has been refined over many years of use in personnel consultancy firms – provides optimal support for active personnel searches
  • Optimal overview, transparency and teamwork for projects
  • Mature work flow support: Simple search, data import and comparison of candidates found with position requirements
  • Talent pool in conformity with the law on data privacy