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Who uses hunter and why?

Modern Talent Management

"In a variety of ways, hunter helps us to find the right employees for our company. Firstly, we have set up our own job exchange on our corporate home page using hunter®JOBCENTER. Applicants can enter their data into a structured online form. The applicant data is assigned to a job advertisement and transferred directly to the software. It has been an enormous time saver for us to be able to structure incoming applications with and without a specific response to a job and to channel the flows. When we receive applications via email or snail mail, we use hunter®CV-EXTRACTOR to automatically import all of the key data to hunter’s central data repository. We can use the time these features have saved us to focus on selecting the best candidates.

hunter’s support also plays an important role in the collaboration with personnel consultants and our own in-house recruiters. We jointly define the key decisive factors for each position to be filled. We weight hard facts such as 'educational background' and 'professional experience' and soft facts such as 'language skills' and a 'gap-free curriculum vitae'. We then stipulate the criteria that must be fulfilled, those that may be fulfilled and those we would like to exclude. Throughout the project, hunter automatically creates a ranking for all identified candidates, simplifying the selection process for us.

We also use hunter in our company to map and manage the further development of our employees. In hunter, we’ve stored the competencies we believe our employees should have, in the long term, for individual positions and for company divisions. When this information is compared to employee current actual qualifications and further education, we can see how we're progressing with talent management. This also lets us fill open positions internally more often."

Key benefits:

  • Your company’s own job exchange on its website
  • More time for core tasks as time is saved due to structured and fast data imports from job exchanges, profiles and job applicants
  • Simplified candidate selection due to jointly defined criteria and automated ranking
  • Supports talent management