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Extend hunter with optional features

hunter's basic features already contain all of the functions necessary for professional recruiting. Additional functions you may need can be added to the basic functions by ordering the relevant optional hunter modules listed below. Targeted to personnel consultants, researchers, corporate recruiters and all others practicing recruiting - hunter always provides you with suitable support.


With no retyping involved, hunter®CV-EXTRACTOR pulls data from online portals and incoming application documents; saving it to hunter and many other specialized applications.

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With hunter®CLIENTCENTER, personnel consultants can integratively update clients via Internet on the current progress of the recruitment process or present candidates to the client.

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hunter®JOBCENTER enables you to realize your own job board online. The module fits seamlessly into the existing web presence.

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With hunter®MULTILANGUAGE, hunter’s GUI can be converted during run-time to a variety of different languages supported by hunter.

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hunter®ORGCHART visualizes the organizational structures and hierarchical levels of enterprises and you can see the relationships between employees at first glance.

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With hunter®PDF-Toolbox, a PDF can be created directly in hunter from one or more files of different formats.

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hunter®PRIVACY offers an automated double opt-in process for the storing of personal data in the hunter database. This ensures the handling of applicant data is both simple and secure.

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hunter®PUBLISHER allows you to publish vacancies defined in hunter to a wide variety of job portals and online exchanges, reaching out to thousands of additional potential candidates.

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hunter®REMINDER helps hunter users organize their follow-ups: It issues reminders about expiring company off-limits and much more.

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With hunter®TAPI, the telephone system whichever is used in the company, is connected to hunter in order to accept and make phone calls.

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