Basic features
Basic functions of the software hunter

hunter's Basic Features

hunter offers the appropriate process support for all of the different use cases encountered in recruiting. hunter’s basic-package features will ensure that you always have a complete overview in your daily work.

Searches & Filters

The variety of search and filter options in combination with logical operations and full-text search will always put you on the right path to the information you want.

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Mail Functions

Whether you select the integrated email client or the connection with Outlook: In hunter, all email correspondence is quickly accessible, across team boundaries and is traceable at all times.

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Project Management

Project plans with milestones are quickly created; project times are quickly recorded and allocated. Comprehensive evaluations give you an overview at all times.

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Manage Data & Office

Like a good CRM system, hunter saves all correspondence and offers a number of options to extract data from documents, as well as create and send new documents.

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Views & Dashboards

Customizable views and dashboards display information in an organized manner. With numerous customization options, you can always keep an eye on all of your key information.

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