Project Management
Manage projects efficiently with hunter

Manage projects efficiently with hunter

hunter lets you observe your recruiting processes and recruiting projects from various perspectives. As the user interface is clearly structured, project managers can instantly see a candidate’s current project stage. Consultants can see which client projects have already been completed and the current phase of a project. Thanks to hunter's customized views, personnel consultants and corporate recruiters always have an overview of tasks and appointments, letting them effectively manage the contact with clients and candidates.

Two key factors for successful professional project management are the creation of project plans and the defining of milestones. To help with this, hunter offers an integrated function that lets you easily calculate schedules for your projects. Based on the schedules, the optional hunter®REMINDER function will remind you of these milestone deadlines in good time. To see a quick overview of the progress a project has made and to update colleagues, managers and clients, our recruitment software lets you generate meaningful evaluations and reports.

Compile statistics per your specifications

hunter lets you analyze the development of your team’s performance and always keeps you up to date. The results of this analysis are displayed in easy to understand bar charts. You can easily generate performance metric evaluations such as contacted candidates, documents and job applications received as well as project developments. If needed, you can export these key performance indicators with a few clicks from hunter to Microsoft Excel and display them there in the form of a pivot table or diagram.

The hunter software already contains a useful set of pre-configured standard evaluations. If needed, you can call on our team at any time to create additional evaluation options per your specifications and add them to the software. With this individualized approach, hunter can be precisely tailored to fit your needs.

Project time tracking and evaluation made easy

With hunter, tracking the time spent on your projects is no longer a time-consuming chore. In the software, each hunter user can define the activities to be recorded per time tracking to the respective projects. Using the integrated presentation and evaluation options, you quickly obtain an overview of how much time has already been spent on the various activities within each project.

Project time recording increases the transparency of your projects and improves performance monitoring. It also lets you recognize time squeezes in good time so you can react promptly. You can additionally derive valuable knowledge and take meaningful optimization action in the area of situation analysis and decision-making.

Reliable preselection of candidates

hunter also gives you a variety of configuration options for candidate preselection. In each of your projects, you can define the criteria a candidate needs to fulfill. The criteria could, for example, consist of functions performed, industry experience, languages or other expertise that are prerequisites for the job advertisement or the open position.

In setting up criteria, you specify whether a criterion is mandatory or optional. If optional, you then also have the option to specify the priority and by using a point system, to specify the weighting. hunter compares these criteria with the candidates in the database and displays the result as a point score. This gives you a quick overview of which candidates are suitable and should be considered in the application procedure.