Mail Functions
Sending emails and managing mailboxes

Achieve goals faster with intelligent mail functions

Using hunter, you can optimally integrate sending emails and managing mailboxes with the recruitment process. hunter can easily be connected with a Microsoft Outlook mailbox. Emails received in Outlook are then automatically mapped to existing companies or persons in hunter. To accomplish this, the software simply compares the sender’s email address with the email address stored in the database. As per the search operation, all emails from known senders, including forwarded emails, will then be archived in hunter. With this method, all correspondence is handled quickly, across team boundaries and is transparent and traceable at all times.

Previously unknown senders, such as with unsolicited job applications, are easily added as a new contact with a few mouse clicks. Based on the email text, hunter reliably determines the sender's first and last name, using this information to create a new contact person.

Attachments are added to the database

Documents such as CVs or reference letters attached to emails are directly mapped to the sender in the database of our recruitment software. With the optional hunter®CV-EXTRACTOR function, you can run CV parsing to supplement existing available personal data by adding information from the CV. By default this function is applied to the email inbox but it can be expanded to include all Outlook folders and mailboxes to which the user has access.

In addition to the Outlook connection, hunterMail, our proprietary email client, is also available to you. With this extra email function, you can send individual and mass emails directly from within hunter; no additional email software is needed.