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Optimal data management and useful Office features

Optimal data management and useful features with Microsoft Office

The hunter recruitment software offers personnel consultants and corporate recruiters a variety of features and views that ensure they can easily see and process all of the relevant data. The software ensures that the entire recruiting process is orderly: Whether notes, received documents or emails, all correspondence can easily be archived in hunter.

The respective relevant information will be viewable in all relevant areas (company, person and project views) after it has been suitably prepared by hunter. This means that the flow of past correspondence and the information already obtained will always be reconcilable and transparent for all team members, even at a much later date. To accomplish this, hunter offers two choices: seamless integration with Microsoft Office and an optional proprietary email client.

Just like a good CRM system

You are assured fast and uniform workflows when you generate documents, emails, form letters and labels directly in hunter for your candidate and client correspondence as well as the documentation. All documents, telephone contact and email history is saved in the system and can be called up at any time.

A variety of automatic processes and intuitive tools also ensure that hunter users are spared many time consuming manual work steps. Researched or received information is transferred quickly and data-privacy law compliant to hunter via various tools:

  • Use the Legal Notice and Signature Readers to transfer data from a website Impressum (legal notice of company address) or an email signature directly to the company mask in hunter.
  • The Import Manager imports company and personal data from Excel lists and corporate databases such as Bisnode or the Markus database. 
  • The OCR text recognition converts scanned in documents to text, which you can later format and process according to your requirements.
  • The optional hunter®CV-EXTRACTOR module ensures that personal data is correctly imported whether it comes from CVs, job application documents or business platforms such as LinkedIn or Experteer.

By employing these suitable mechanisms, hunter ensures the data quality level is always high. To ensure that the database remains uniform and organized, even when multiple users work with the database, hunter recognizes potential duplicate entries when new data is entered. If duplicate data sets nonetheless occur, they will be displayed and can be merged very easily.

Seamless Microsoft Office integration

Seamless Microsoft Office integration with hunter lets you generate individual emails, mass emails and letters using the appropriate Word templates in hunter. It also lets you create tasks and appointments directly in your Microsoft Outlook calendar and - with one click - generate Outlook contacts from personal data. If there is a change in the information, either in Outlook or in hunter, the synchronization function reliably updates the data.