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The hunter software solution is targeted to all those who are involved with recruiting: personnel consultants, researchers, corporate recruiters and human resources managers.
In the basic package, you will find powerful recruiting functions covering everything from finding suitable candidates to keeping tabs on application procedures and projects and efficiently handling the administrative processes. A wide variety of add-ons are available to meet your special requirements. The software's modular construction makes it easy to adapt to your individual requirements.
As it is a comprehensive recruitment solution, hunter supports all types of search strategies, from traditional direct contact to eRecruiting. hunter optimizes the entire recruiting process, resulting in smooth teamwork of all participants. This process expertise is the reason why hunter is a leading recruiting solution in Europe.

Targeted Candidate and Company Search

Targeted search in hunter

Targeted search in hunter

hunter offers a wide variety of search and filter options which enable you to reliably find a suitable candidate or a suitable company from the vast quantity of information stored in the database. You are not limited to simple searches by industry, region, function or position; you can also search using complex logical operations or perform full-text searches of everything that is in the database.

Search results with traffic light symbols

Search results with traffic light symbols

A traffic light symbol for each candidate and company instantly illustrates whether a particular person or organization can currently be approached for inclusion in a new project. It may indicate, that an interesting candidate is already involved in the application process for a colleague’s search project and should therefore not be contacted again. This prevents inefficiencies in the candidate search process.

Self-compiled overview

Self-compiled Summary

In addition to the standard UIs provided by hunter, users can freely construct a summary page for a quick overview. By applying the relevant interfaces, the stored communication data (phone numbers, e-mail or Skype)immediately becomes interactive. For example, a phone call is initiated when the user clicks on the phone number. Documents, websites and profiles on professional or business portals (such as Experteer or LinkedIn) can also be quickly called up.

Targeted search in hunter

Results of the full-text search

To ensure the candidate pool is used to its full potential, any terms can be entered to perform a full-text search of all of the data, documents and emails stored in hunter. Even the most complex AND/OR queries (e.g.  position info, languages and skills keywords) can be composed and performed via the easy to use search masks. This lets the recruiter quickly identify which candidates best fit the job specifications profile. 

Efficient Project Management

project management in hunter

Project management in hunter - project view

With hunter, you can monitor recruiting projects from many different perspectives. The clearly arranged user interfaces let a project manager, for example, quickly identify the project step a candidate is currently in, without spending a lot of time searching. A consultant can see which projects have already been concluded for his clients in the past and the current search project phase. Customized views enable personnel consultants and HR managers to constantly monitor tasks and appointments and structure the client and candidate contact in a more targeted manner.

Pproject evaluation

Project evaluation

Project plans and defined milestones are also necessary for professional project management. To help you with this, hunter offers an integrated function that can also draw up schedules for your projects. The optional hunter®REMINDER module will remind you of upcoming milestone deadlines. For a quick overview of a project's progress and to prepare progress reports for colleagues, managers and clients, hunter generates informative evaluations and reports.

Common Workflows

creating newsletter and serial letters in hunter

Preparing newsletters and serial letters in hunter

hunter keeps your projects organized: hunter archives it all - notes, documents and e-mails. The software automatically makes all relevant information visible in all tabs (company, person and project tabs).  Therefore, even at a later date, all users will be able to see what correspondence has been exchanged and what information is already on file. hunter supports this function through its seamless integration with Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes.

As documents, e-mails, form letters (mail merge) and labels are directly generated in hunter, it also ensures that the candidate and client correspondence processes are efficient and consistent.


Importing information of a social media profile into hunter

The automated processes and tools save hunter users time as many time-consuming manual work steps are no longer necessary. Using various tools, research and received information can be quickly added to the database:

The Impressumreader transfers the information on a website's imprint (legal notice for company address) page directly to the company mask in hunter. The Importmanager imports information on companies and people from Excel lists and company databases such as Bisnode and Markus database. The OCR text recognition tool converts scanned documents to text and hunter®CV-EXTRACTOR imports the relevant data from résumés, job application documents and business platforms such as LinkedIn and Experteer.

Fast entry

Fast entry (during a phone interview)

In hunter, data pertaining to new candidates can be saved in all the relevant areas by using the quick-entry window. In this manner, new employees can be entered into the company screen, new candidates can be entered into the project tab and new candidates can be entered into the org chart of target companies. This cuts down on the necessity to switch screens and saves you time. 


Finding and merging duplicates

hunter also provides a mechanism to ensure the data quality level remains high. When new data is entered, the software recognizes possible duplicates. This ensures that the database remains consistent and organized, which is especially important when multiple users work with the database. When duplicate data records do somehow occur, hunter displays them so they can be easily merged.

Adapting and Customizing

Employee administration

Employee administration in hunter

The recruiting software can easily be adapted to the requirements of its users. Together with the fecher team, clients choose the software modules that will be used to best support the client company’s processes.

Even after the customized software is already in use, the company's hunter administrator can at any time make his own changes to the settings to fully customize the software to his team and his clients. The administrator can, amongst others, create new users, define their rights or assign users to groups. This is useful, for example, when dealing with confidential information about a company or a project that should only be made available to a select group of individuals.

The administrator can also adapt the Windows GUI configuration including data-field descriptions, manage document and e-mail templates, assign access data for the hunter®JOBCENTER and maintain the keys used in hunter, e.g. for industries and positions.
Because no specialized IT knowledge is required for it, any experienced hunter user can easily handle these tasks.

IT-landscape Integration

hunter integrates itself into IT-landscape

Whether using a local server or the cloud: hunter integrates itself

hunter integrates itself easily into the existing IT infrastructure: The software has interfaces to Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel as well as Lotus Notes. Users can ideally manage their work routines from within the recruitment solution, such as managing appointments, creating form letters and preparing evaluations. An interface to the document management system can also be installed.

For its hunter solution, fecher utilizes a mature server concept with a relational database system. This ensures the highest level of stability and performance yet low running costs. As the fecher team handles the professional installation, adaptation and maintenance of the hunter server, the client has almost no tasks of its own to perform in putting the software into operation. fecher uses remote access to implement software updates on the server; the clients are automatically converted to the new version.

hunter can also be used as a cloud solution for those who don't want to maintain a hunter server at their company. As a cloud solution, the software is installed on a computer and accesses the hunter®ONLINE service through the internet. The third option is SaaS, where an IT service provider operates everything externally, both the IT infrastructure and the software, meaning the software does not need to be installed (Software as a Service Model).  fecher works together with specialized parters to provide this option.

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