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„good people, good software“: at fecher, this slogan is not just a phrase – it’s reality. What began in an attic at the time of its founding in 1987 is now a software and consulting company operating across national borders with around 50 employees. Our goal is to provide our customers in the B2B market with modern business software. We not only sell and develop industry software, but also offer services for modernizing existing business applications and databases. In addition to our company's headquarters in Rödermark (near Frankfurt / Germany), fecher also has branches and developer teams in Germany, Switzerland, Romania, and the USA.

Our Business Areas

As a software and consulting company, fecher is well known for its intelligent process models, specialized tools, and the extensive automation of processes. With this expertise, the Application Modernization division supports its clients in coping with upcoming technology changes and putting existing software on a modern new basis. The Recruitment Solutions division thus develops its own modern application solutions and offers hunter, one of Europe's leading industry solutions for personnel consultants.

Application Modernization by fecher

secures the future of your business applications

Application Modernization by fecher

  • Software modernization with a high degree of automation
  • Lossless porting of VB6, Gupta and Access applications
  • Transformation of your dektop application into a web app at a fixed price
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hunter recruitment solutions

comprehensive recruiting software for efficient processes

hunter recruitment solutions

  • Flexible web-based software solution for personnel consultants and corporate recruiters
  • Supports any search strategy, from personal communication to online recruitment
  • Ready to use in 24 hours without upfront investment
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About hunter recuitment solutions

The fecher team’s wealth of experience enables it to find an optimal way to provide existing applications, methods and procedures with intelligent procedure models, specialized tools and largely automated processes to establish a new modern basis. It is namely these core competencies that were crucial to fecher's purchase of the industry solution HunterNT from the Frankfurt-based company CBC in 2001. fecher’s application specialists transformed the personal consultancy software, which was written in Gupta and had about 18 clients, into a state-of-the-art application and launched a new business unit, Recruitment Solutions, with development, support, marketing and distribution and processing. With great success: By the end of 2004, HunterNT was already being used by 100 clients.

With the takeover of PRS.net from the Vienna-based RTS, a second software solution with an additional 40 clients was added in 2005. In the merging of these two products – hunterNT had the requisite speedy operation needed by the research business and PRS.net had the distinctive process support needed by executive search – fecher’s software competence once again came in handy. Given a new name "hunter" and migrated to the more modern .NET platform in 2010, the application’s success continued.

The rapidly evolving feature set made hunter an attractive option for recruiters, researchers and HR managers responsible for recruiting. Today, hunter is one of the leading recruiting solutions in Europe. Learn more about our happy clients

Meet our Leadership Team

The most important factor to stay ahead of the "technology" game for so long: our highly experienced team-work oriented staff. Our employees define the success of our company.

Since our company was founded more than 30 years ago, our focus has always been on the current leading Microsoft technologies. During this time, we've all seen multiple generations as well as some cul-de-sacs in the area of development. But each time, we as a team developed creative ways for our clients to update their software to the newest technology.

Günter Hofmann, CEO
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For the success of our projects, we rely on a strong partnership with leading technology providers.