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Year after year, IT performance continues to grow. IT costs, however, are not dropping accordingly. What is it that makes IT so expensive?

The topic of servers is a huge contributing factor: If your company buys its own server, it has large initial investment costs and then the value of this investment decreases rapidly due to advances in technology. Servers also have to be able to handle the highest needed performance, even though such peak times are rare. And last but not least, software has to be purchased for every user who might at some point need to work with the system, even if it is only for a non-recurring project lasting a couple of weeks.

The solution is in the cloud: hunter®ONLINE

A solution to all three problems is to make use of cutting-edge cloud technology, which fecher offers in the form of hunter®ONLINE. Instead of owning and operating your own server, you make use of a server farm - a computing center - that is operated for many customers.

This way, peak loads for the various users balance each other out. Instead of incurring huge acquisition costs, you pay only a monthly usage fee that reflects your current needs. Software usage can be flexibly adjusted each month to reflect your current requirements. You also eliminate all server-operation expenses such as operating costs, updates and data backups as the computing center operator takes these on.

Whether you are a client just starting out with hunter or an existing user taking advantage of our attractive offer to migrate from our traditional hunter solution: As a secure Microsoft Azure cloud service, our proven recruiting software runs just as fast and is just as scalable as always. The only thing that is missing is that you are no longer maintaining your own server; a variable monthly usage-fee per user covers the use of the hardware and the software. The only thing you will still need is an internet connection and the client machine on which hunter will run.

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