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hunter®MOBILE enables access to the hunter server via web browser. Since some employees do not want to use a hunter license with full functional scope but simply want to retrieve information on the go about the state of the projects, candidates and customers, the license for hunter®MOBILE can be purchased separately from the basic module.

The browser-based access to the hunter database works from all mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android-based smartphones and tablets as well as with any conventional browser on a Windows PC, Mac or Linux machine – at your home office, with a client or using a public Internet terminal at your hotel.

Modern Internet technology provides the highest level of security: In each instance, only the data that is immediately needed is called up from the hunter server; the data is transmitted using an encrypted Internet connection. The usual combination of user name and password ensures secure authentication. As absolutely no confidential information is stored on the mobile devices, such information can not fall into the wrong hands, for example, if a smartphone is stolen. As there is always a risk of being spied upon when using a public Wifi hotspot, two-factor authentication can be used to further increase the security.

One module offers three tailored solutions

hunter®MOBILE can be used in three variants. Access is managed via user-access rights: a mobile platform especially for consultants, a work platform for external researchers and an information platform for clients.

hunter®Consultant is the browser-capable information platform for consultants who need mobile access to all of the data in hunter. The tool provides mobile access to all of hunter's most important functions: You can open documents, initiate phone calls and emails, create phone-call notes, enter data on people and companies as well as update existing data.  The user can conduct interactions such as project activities directly in the project and obtain a current overview of the status of projects at all times - even without the hunter software.

hunter®Research is the online work platform for external researchers. This integration lets you access hunter's project information and directly enter new candidates. Meaning, research results are directly available online within each corresponding project, which negates the need to transmit and import Excel tables. Using the platform, researchers can also document new project activities such as phone calls when making direct contact.  Only those candidates the researcher has personally entered for the project are visible to the researcher.

With hunter®CLIENTCENTER, personnel consultants can give their clients access to a password-protected site where the consultant can present selected information on current projects.  The client can obtain information on the candidates by reading the consultant's customized reports. By changing the configurations, the project information presented can be customized for each individual client to include additional information such as the candidate status and overall evaluation.

This service makes the consultancy processes transparent and promotes trust. Coordination and communication between the client and the consultant is also improved: Once the client has seen the selected applicant profiles, a phone call or email is then all that is necessary to clarify which of the candidates are to be invited for an interview. In this process, consultants can decide what information is to be released to the client.

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