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Double opt-in

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will come into force on May 25, 2018. All companies, regardless of their size, that process European personal data must have implemented the new requirements by this date. Non-compliance can even lead to substantial fines.

Among other things, the GDPR greatly expands data controllers' documentation and compliance obligations. In the future, personal data of candidates and contacts may only be stored following the express, written consent of the contact.

The double opt-in method is an accepted, IT-supported substitute for time-consuming manual procedures (such as hand-signed correspondence) that provides verifiable proof of consent to data storage. This consent procedure is now also available in hunter: Starting with version 19.03 (available Nov. 2017), the recruiting software automatically handles the obtaining of consent and the electronic documentation.

How does hunter's double opt-in process work?

Once the function is configured in hunter, it only takes a single click to send a contact/candidate a personalized email asking for consent to data storage. This email contains two links, one each to decline or to agree (single opt-in), that lead to a web form which will be delivered together with the new function. The contact/candidate confirms the selection (double opt-in) on the web form. hunter directly logs the corresponding actions, which are visualized for the user via data protection "traffic lights". There is no limit to the number of times or scenarios for which this can be performed. In a short presentation, our team will gladly demonstrate the process to you directly in the software.

dpuble opt-in infos in hunter

How to obtain the double opt-in process for hunter?

To be able to use the double opt-in process in hunter, our team would need to add the corresponding function to the clients’ hunter software. For the day-to-day operations, a web service will be installed and deployed for you in a Microsoft Azure computing center (here in Germany).
There is a one-time per-company charge for this add-on as well as a monthly fee for deploying the web service in the computer center.

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Please note: The hunter team is not allowed to provide any binding legal advice with regard to the handling of your data. The sole purpose of hunter's data protection function is to provide a practical tool that proves the double opt-in process has been implemented. It is highly advisable to have a Data Protection Officer examine all data-protection related measures and issues with respect to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.

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