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  • Personnel Consultant
    „hunter lets us quickly identify and present the most suitable candidates to our clients“
  • Researcher
    „hunter lets us quickly identify target companies and employees“
  • Project Assistant
    „hunter keeps me in constant contact with candidates and clients“
  • Corporate HR Manager
    „hunter lets us quickly and reliably recruit the right employees“
  • IT Manager
    „Installing and operating hunter is quick, easy and secure“

hunter®ONLINE lets you start quickly with no risk and no upfront investments.

Take us at our word: Your installation will be up and running within 24 hours.

hunter - fecher's all-in-one recruiting software

In Europe, hunter has been a leading recruiting software solution for years. In the basic package, you will find powerful and comprehensive professional recruiting functions covering everything from finding and identifying suitable candidates to keeping tabs on the application procedure progress and efficiently handling the administrative processes.

Each and every participant in the recruiting process benefits from hunter - personnel consultants, researchers, project assistants, IT staff and corporate HR managers responsible for recruiting.

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